NEW - Gentle strategy for women's empowerment in 2021
 for health care, business &  politics

                              .... EQUAL NUMBERS AT EVER LEVEL!!!

In November 2014, the Geneva NGO Forum on Beijing +20 UN ECE Review, declared that: Women’s rights and gender equality are central to the world’s attainment of equality, sustainability, development and peace.  The overall slogan was:  ¨Every woman, Every Right, Every Minute, Everyone is Responsible: and the Time is now¨.

Thus in 2014  women must rise up to achieve equal empowerment. How to do it peacefully with worthy values?  First, the need to encourage all of the international women's organizations to support one leading organization, to take action to make the strategy become an international political, business and social reality:

1. Encourage every woman to vote in every community and every local and national election, starting now.

2. Encourage every woman, just for one year (20
15), to vote only for a woman candidate. Vote for the one whose ideas are closest to hers.  Discourage voting for a man, unless he publicly fully supports 50:50 empowerment of women. 

3. Encourage all political parties to increase the number of women candidates and thus achieve more votes for their parties.

4. From 2016 onwards with a huge increase  in women candidates, encourage women to vote freely as they choose.  Hopefully they will continue to choose a woman whose ideas are closest to theirs.

5. Overall, vote for women to take more power and bring peace not war to the world, with the highest priority for development with gentle care for both society and family.

6. Encourage women to reject war as normal and inevitable. War sends our sons to be killed and abuses our younger children with years of present and future  suffering from the impacts of a dangerous insecure environment. 

7. Thus with a gentle Leviathan strategy ... make that special worthy effort in 2017 to  achieve women's empowerment ...  for peace and the benefit of all.


Inspired by Leviathan – award winning film at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Women in power!!!  Does it shock or just amuse you?  With two NEW priorities for the world:  EQUALITY, for the women and PEACE without conflict, for the children and the men. 

EQUALITY depends on cash!  Change the old 5% and 95%  spread of wealth.  No more poverty. A free national monthly income for every adult (financed by sales tax and income tax) with employment for every age, and a required year of paid social service with Job training, for every teenager (male and female)? 

PEACE for the children and the men?  Men accept and enjoy  violent conflict- Only  women will achieve effective negotiation for peace.  No more need for violent conflict, except in sports and computer games. 

IMPOSSIBLE?  Yes, but in 2017 with computers and internet, so many impossible things are  being achieved (even Donald Trump and self drive cars?).  So the women must research and develope a new powerful resource!!  EBS!  To establish a greater  need for peace and caring, and to rejecti all conflict and crime against others.

EBS - electronic brain stimulation, to change the brain from conflict to peace,  without negative side effects.  Perhaps with EBS, even the need for prisons (and diesel fuel), may be relics of the past?  Perhaps mind/body EBS  will replace some medications in the  preventive/curative health care of the future?

Women in power in 2021!  A challenging political idea?  Does it shock or just amuse you?  Is it going to happen?  Women in power at last!! VOTE FOR WOMEN!




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