+ Who is the site for?

  • For motivated learners

  • For aid workers

  • For travellers

  • For the curious

  • For groups or individuals

  • For professionals

  • For retirees

  • For students

+ What can you achieve with a CRE program?

  • Learn basic conversational SPANISH, SWAHILI, PASHTO…

  • Improve your accent

  • Become confident in reading a balance sheet

  • Learn to relax your mind and body to tackle stress

  • Reframe trauma and bounce back with hope for the future

  • Support yourself through illness and recovery

  •       and more….

+ Find a learning programme

SEARCH for a specific program using the search box on the homepage or magnifying glass icon in top right corner of all pages.

EXPLORE the range of available programs by clicking on ‘Learning programs (free)’ in the banner (middle, top of the page).

+ Start learning

There are three ways to use the CRE learning programs.

1. Register and access the course material directly online through the website.

2. Download the PDF and MP3 files from the course page. No registration required.

3. Purchase a hard copy of course material on publishing site – all courses available.

+ Registering onto the website (optional)

Registering to the website allows you:

  • To keep track of your learning.

  • To add comments and give feedback on the learning material

  • To share your experience with other users.


To open an account, fill in the registration form to create your username and password.


IMPORTANT: We do not use, sell or share any of your data with anyone or any third party.

+ Online courses

Once registered on the website, enroll onto the website based courses.

For each course, open the summary by clicking on the 3 dashes on the upper left part of the module screen.

Click on different sections to reach the corresponding page.

Different types of content are offered: reading material, audio, video, presentations and quizzes.

In language lessons, audio can be played whilst reading the material.

+ The Creative Relaxation Exercise

The Creative Relaxation Exercise is a short 5 minute guided relaxtion to put the learner in a positive and confident frame of mind for learning.

It is one of the key tools of the CRE Method.

Play along, you WILL find it worthwhile!

Discover the Creative Relaxation Exercise

+ Why feedback is important

CRE learning programs are continually being updated and refined to enhance the quality of course content and of the learning experience.

We are reliant on users’ feedback to help direct changes to the courses and to find new ways in which they can be improved.

Do share with us your suggestions, corrections and ideas for development.