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See well and feel well. The program is for staff motivated to learn to exercise the eyes for vision care and improvement, and to reduce computer eye strain, without effort. With basic reading difficulty a little help may be needed and so a 30 minute audio tape is available.

New research is beginning to show that the extra-ocular muscles play a role in the accommodation of the eye. The muscles of your eyes, like all muscles, need proper stimulation and exercise to stay in shape. The results are usually quite noticeable, even after only a few minutes.

Remember well and feel well. This requires you to be positive, confident and motivated, and thus for Learning Reinforcement, it may be helpful to consult the Learning Reinforcement course on this website (click here to access)

“See well and feel well.

Just like the body, the eyes respond well to exercise”


a. To achieve improved vision in both eyes and to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.

b. To practice eye exercises regularly for 15 minutes daily.

c. To enhance this eye therapy with brief autogenic mind/body relaxation against computer eye problems.

d. To motivate further progress in the future.


  • Download all the course material as pdf : click here.
  • Download audio for Eye Alert Instant Relaxation Technique as mp3 : click here.


Designed for a learning with a partner or small group of four. See well and feel well.

For anyone who can read, from 12 to 80 years of age, who is motivated to learn to exercise for visual improvement without effort. With basic reading difficulty, a little help will be needed.


Two hours to learn CRE with ten 1-2 minute exercises, at the convenience of learner.

Customise and practice daily with Instant Relaxation Technique.


Exercises stimulate, strengthen and relax those parts of the eyes that allow your vision to improve naturally.  New research is beginning to show that the mind/body exercise plays a critical role in vision.  So stimulate the eyes for better vision with exercise to improve sight.


This system of simple and practical exercises, helps you to learn to reduce dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses, and to prevent further eye deterioration. 30 minute audio tape available.

Inspired by: Dr. Bob Boland MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins), ITP (Harvard), DBA,
US Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, and the Team.
Boston University web site: http://www.bu.edu/familymed/distance/cre/index.htm

Copyright : RGAB 2004/7
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